The Science Behind it all. Praise Physics!

Dear People of Earth,

So this is bigger than waiting on the March for Science to apologize.

This all started around Labor Day, 2004. I attempted to check out in the only way I knew how. So many people took a single drug to try to overdose and “check out”, but failing. So I figured I’d confuse my body and ended up taking 9 different drugs. Life and hilarity-in-hindsight ensued.

Instead of checking out, I witnessed what I initially had mistaken as “God”, but it was just some chemistry working itself out in my body. So I had to bring meaning to this and I figured this Chemistry and the Physics I experienced must have been “The Meaning of Life”; I had to make sense of it.

Since I was so overwhelmed, I learned only bits and pieces of each. One story I tell that brings the most meaning to me is this:

I ended up in the Mental Ward of the County Hospital. When I arrived at 2 AM that morning, a Preacher came to me and gave me his watch. He knew my name and demanded I take his watch. The nurses helped me into bed and took him back to his room.

The next morning the Watch was missing and the preacher knew nothing of giving it to me. I assume the nurses gave it back to him, because it was back on his wrist.

Throughout that first day, I started to get acquainted after learning my new-found knowledge. I spoke to a lady for a bit, maybe 5 minutes, and when I looked up at the clock, twenty minutes had passed. I learned a Physics Trick! If I stop looking at clocks, I can get out of here! Or, at bare minimum, my time here would seem shorter if I ignored them.

So every morning for the next two weeks I’d meet the preacher at breakfast and he’d tell me how he met God and how I should read the Bible to understand it myself. I wanted to figure this out on my own, not read some other’s interpretation, so I’ve only ever read the Bible in bits and pieces. I explained to him my new Physics Trick of how to get out of here sooner: ignore the clocks. Measuring time slows it down in our accelerated states and he kept measuring time. How else would he know when he’d get out of the Mental Ward?

So everyday I’d chip away at the preacher’s demands on time. I’d ask him to stop wearing his watch, and then I’d express to him that I didn’t want him looking at the time if he was going to wear the watch. It was a nice watch and again, he doesn’t remember giving it to me the first day I arrived.

This guy knew his stuff. He said it took him five cups of coffee to feel like he got one. This is what he told to me one day, when referring to the hospital’s coffee. I had realized then the nurses were giving us decaf. Sure enough decaf coffee has about 20% of the caffeine remaining or about 5 cups to make one cup of the leaded coffee.

The day is finally here for me to see the judge to see if I could be released back into the wild. The preacher also got to meet his judgement that day. He went to the State Mental Facility while I was able to leave. My last conversation with The Preacher was me begging him for his watch. Just GIVE IT TO ME. (I can put it away.)

To summarize:

A Preacher that saw God knew me by name, gave me his watch when I arrived, and remembered nothing about it the next day. When I left, I begged The preacher for his watch so he wouldn’t have to spend much time at the State Mental Health Facility. He gave me his Bible instead. Torn and tattered, I have it around here somewhere.

It wasn’t until recursion got to a certain level that I could finally piece things together. That showed itself to me in the form of a 45.8# Block of Lead. It was a coincidence.

Entropy can be improved by focusing on recursion that folds into others. Creating a new definition for Dictator, ever so slightly shudders the preconceived notions you have of me. That every so slightly changed people’s faith in me.

Dictator has tried to give away “free speech” to half while spending “Citizens United v FEC” style money to ask Donald Trump a question. I spent the money on where Citizens United would be spent; that being domains, web-hosting, and ads.

I reduced Entropy again when I realized I can hold the word “Trumped”; a word that forced everyone to wonder exactly what I’m trying to do. is where I am actively trying to spread free speech to anyone willing to put in an application. Just justify it to me, and you got a domain. I’m fixing a hole in free speech by controlling a portion of the word “Trumped”.

Trumped is defined as:

Adjective, a drunkard duped by a President.

So. This:

I have done Technical Support since 1997. My entire life, I have experienced recursion over time. Check out this classic found in my archive from around 1998 when I used MS Money.

MS Money Unknown Error

Tell me I haven’t learned about Recursion over time! I took a screenshot of it when it showed itself because the only way to dissolve recursion is to expose it to light. The Double Slit Experiment breaks this cycle and applies!

Donald Trump fired someone by TV one last time before he closed the book on that part of his Legacy.

I am creating my legacy for myself in the most awesome way ever: by being the person to write about Coincidences leading from Faith.

I am just a US Citizen, and I have Discovered some new Science!

I have monitored my life for evidence of Coincidence from Faith. I just didn’t know it until Donald Trump became President. He forced me to realize he’s the epitome of Coincidence.

To Summarize:

The fifth dimension is Faith, the sixth is Coincidence. I applied math terms where I could.

Dear Physicist,

Please make sense of this and you’ll be the first to spread my Word!