Confessions of a fool

Dear Planet Earth:

Today was supposed to be the end date for the book. A Book started on Christmas Day with a deadline of March 15th, 2017 and writing the final chapter today, April Fools.

I was going to live the book about a man asking Donald Trump a question using “Citizens United Money”. It started small, but gradually expanded as the social media response was null. I got censored at so many steps. I’m fairly certain they weren’t being malicious, they just didn’t expect much from a user “DictatorTrump” so I can’t blame them.

So, today is April fools day. and Here I am, looking like a fool.

When I started this project the first people to start spending time on my pages rather than bouncing were the Russians. Just around inauguration day the Russians, using a spread of web browser types, went away. A week later I saw activity from the Kremlin, followed by Russians from all over Russia again! But then I noticed, they all ran Firefox 34. Everyday I’m trying to reach out to Americans by way of Google Ads, Facebook, etc. Instead, I get what appears to be a Russian Botnet or their Citizens using state mandated Russian browser.

The first person to submit an application was The Canadian and he’s wanting to make an RSS Aggregator, he gets it. Russia gets it, why do no American’s see it?

I have been reached by people that need me. I work in tech support and the … per REDACTED. I’m not confident enough on my employers social media polices to confess this.

I’ll tell you this, coincidence has been very active for me recently.

I saw a man that looked like my brother but more frail. I heard his father call him by his name, which is also my brothers. So I told him “Hey, *Zach’s are pretty good people.” His father responded and said he only knew 5 words. I couldn’t think of anything to say to make him feel better, so I proceeded to go to my doctors appointment and ask permission to speak up for what I think is right. She was fine with it as I’m not harming anyone.

And so I did. I started doing things I thought would get attention so I could start distributing my Citizens United money to 1/2 of my applicants while selling the other 1/2 to a spread of business types. Every business contributes to some goodness, so it was only fair to make sure I took care of the small businesses as well as corporations.

A girl at a coffee shop has been trying to get me to try the pie and my last interaction with her, before writing this, required she charge me $3.14. She is getting married soon. Her Fiance`e is easy on the eyes.

I have contacted Daniel Tosh offering him up my Orange Cat video. Got no response even though it’s been viewed 25 times with 5 engagements. A tweet from someone playing the comedic role of  Dictator Trump. I play Dictator Trump so I have a reason to operate a blog while working through this. Dictator had a new meaning, someone writing about their environment and culture. Seemed funny to me. No reply from Daniel Tosh or anyone else.

Then a few nights ago, I was watching The Daily Show and saw a strange message interrupting it. I had to rewind several times, but I made it out.

This link took you to Twitter account @PresidentShow where all the content was in Russian and it looked like a Russian Citizen using it as a means of getting attention and doing the same thing I’m doing, but with a TV Show rather than a book. It surprised me though. I started thinking if he’s doing a TV Show I can contribute. The person is Russian though, I’m going to have to learn Russian or get a good translator.

Before the night was done, it had been found out by Rhett Jones at Gizmodo. It was The Daily Show and it’s Parent Company Viacom pulling a prank on me and the rest of us who thought a Russian hacking operation started. I went to bed.

I woke up to see if I had any kind of response. Dictator Trump had to be one of the first one to respond and the only validation I did was it was a .ru domain. Assuming no one outside of Russia could obtain one.

Instead, I find the page has completely removed everything that looked like a Russian hacker and a single like from the @PresidentShow on this tweet. No response, but 622 Impressions, 14 engagements.

@PresidentShow Hack or not, I’m now working with you. Let’s make this a great show! I have 113 domains and giving away half.

— Dictator Trump (@trumpedwithpwr) March 30, 2017.

You’d think that would get a reply, right? You’d be wrong. Zero reply from them or another else that may have seen the tweet. I emailed Rhett Jones with my additions to the story. No reply yet.