Let’s get started!

This message is from Dictator Trump’s creator. Posted 2/10/2017 02:21 EST Updated 04:32

I have been getting my money together to get us talking about our President. I am sincere whenever I say I want to help.

I have given my money to ICANN, fiverr.com, Change.org, Google Inc, Torproject, VPN, and Cell Service,  but have recently failed to give money to Facebook. I’m haven’t asked anyone directly to get this started. My money is no good to Facebook. I wanted to continue spreading my money thinly across the industry that provides “speech”, instead I’m giving it away directly.

The first person to give me a good idea idea on how to spend my next $100.00, I will personally send you 0.1 BTC.

Facebook kinda forced my hand as they were the next spot to spend money.

I’m pretty sure I’m not violating the spirit of Citizen’s United v FEC. Although I did make a donation to Sen Elizabeth Warren of $50 USD when she got silenced.

Updated 3/4/2017: The offer of 0.1 BTC has expired.