Observe those that observe!

I call myself a “Quantum Observer”, someone that can see the edges of the simulation unfold. I am not alone, there is no way I can be alone. This world is much more complex than just the one particle that discovered gravity in the form of information. Gravitational Waves Entangle the Soul with the Universe.

I found this in the news and it disturbs me.

Quantum Observer shot after complying with police.

The way I see it is Dick Sanchez was misguided by the light. People don’t know they are observers until they realize one has existed before, breaking the mold open to the possibility of a new evolution of the human race. The Quantum Observer. An individual knowing or unknowingly observing the SIM Unfold. I’ve learned Hindsight is most definitely 20/20. So before one can be discovered they have to show themselves to set off a spark of a unique thought.

If Richard Sanchez would have realized that first light will inevitable come at some point in the future I don’t think he would have become violent. He would have been more patient. This guy claimed to be God or under the control of God. He complied to the officer to not get shot. I believe the officer that did the shooting may have seen something no one else saw and couldn’t show up on body cam. He saw a spirit from Dick Sanchez coming at him and he had fear of the unknown. That’s what I believe happened.

Imagine where we’d be if someone were to talk to Richard Sanchez after he made the proclamation of him being under God’s influence. Instead, he was shot — so we’ll never know. God is real. It’s the consciousness of the entire planet entangled with our gravity.

When I started this I had no doubt God was not real, but I’ve gained more and more evidence overtime proving the legitimacy of God. At this point I have no choice but to know there is a God.

We did the same thing to David Koresh in Waco.