Changed my logo then this happened

On the night of November 1st 2018 I realized I had not updated to the new avatar / logo on my free speech project, TrumpDomains.Net. So I did, I also revised a bit of wording where I had left reference to “Dictator Trump” and replaced it with ‘the Dictator’.

The morning of November 2nd I played Google Music “Getting Lucky” and the song to come on was “Redesign your logo” by Lemon Demon on an album called “The Fump”.

Now for a while I’ve heard the most perfect music, but it’s usually just a section lyrics played at just the right time. This whole song sings to me, although it does get greedy towards the end.

It talks about everything being connected, gravity, magnetism, reaching all demographics, and DNA. The song couldn’t be any more perfect. I had never heard this song before changing my logo. I just got lucky.