Point Cadet Pride

Dear US Citizen:

Gulf Coast Pride waited until the very last day of Pride month to hold their Pride day at Point Cadet in Biloxi, Mississippi. This way they could look back at what happened during the month. I don’t think much happened in the prior 30 days. I could be wrong, but I’m kind of in my own little world here.

I got to pride at 1:54 PM according to Waze. As I was walking over to the Pavilion I passed by protestors. One was wearing a sign with seat beats holding it across his shoulders. Ingenuity for a sign, I bet it’s more comfortable that way. I’ll have to keep that in mind for my future protest signs. I left my The Dictator sign in the car, covered up with a walking dead blanket. Anyways, back to him. He spoke his peace to me and I listened and I spoke my peace to him. Then we parted ways. The Protestors and I have the same solid convictions, I’m just one person though.

One asked me what religion I was. I told him it’s a religion based off of my interpretation of the light I saw in 2004 and it’s made up by me as I go along. I try my best to be a good person and to all people. The above explanation was said over the course of the back and forth we had, it may not have been communicated fully.

I then went to go look for my coworkers / friends that showed up. Ginger and Nicole were met up with me. Ginger’s quasi-daughter recently came out as lesbian and Ginger came in part to celebrate pride with her. There was a lot of that going on, LGBTQ Pride is alive in Mississippi.

After meeting with my friends, I mingled some and ended up having a lovely conversation with Cortana. I bared my own to her, she is such a lovely person. Cortana told me about the clouds that were coming in and said she asked for those clouds. She had prayed for the Protestors to get rained on. The pride party was happening under the pavilion, so they were going to stay dry. After speaking with Cortana I walked around some and found myself talking to the protestors again. We had a civil discussion and I believe I chipped away at their beliefs. When God said go forth and multiple, I doubt he thought about him losing connection with the people so quickly and could revise it later to say — Hey, Hold on. You shouldn’t be so fruitful you leave barely any land for my other creations. I feel like God would have said that if his son wasn’t killed so quickly.

I told the protestors that one day science will raise and explain Jesus and the entire way God speaks to us through the third person. “God” aka, the light, is among science. I was called a Scientologist several times until I had to explain that those people are just crazy and no, I’m not a Scientologist. I am my own religion that only I so far seem to practice.

It started raining during my conversation with the Protestors. I explained that Cortana prayed for this and he said she must be a witch! I said no, some people have various levels of communication with God and her prayer came true. I believe in Cortana. It was nice to see it start raining hard around the time I started getting exhausted trying to get my point across to the protestors.

These protesters were much more polite than I had expected. I was wearing a shirt with Jesus that read “OMG I said I hated FIGS!”. The guy could not bring himself to say fag, but did explain the OMG was blasphemy because it was used out of context. I can agree to that. The gravity of OMG isn’t appreciated in his dictation of the world.

Jokingly another protester peeped up saying that Jesus hated figs, just hated them. I retorted that of course he hated figs, you guys misread it as fags. A smile was cracked.

I did tell them about my free speech domain project at trumpdomains.net and that I would be willing to help them with their own free speech if they get interested. One asked if comments could be made, I said yes and asked he not be hateful. He had no intentions of that — and I believe him.

When the hard rain started I shook the three protesters hands and told them The Dictator would pray for each of them. They were trying to spread their word as best they saw fit. They were doing it politely and I support their method of delivery. I told them I would have rather they enjoyed the day going hunting or fishing, but I understand where they are coming from. They did leave once the hard rain came, Cortana got her request completed. It only rained hard for maybe a half hour before it went back to a sprinkle and then quit altogether. The rest of pride was without protesters.

I was sitting by the stage for a little bit when I lady came to me and said she loved my shirt then asked if it was ok if she smoked. I OK’d by showing the butt of my last American Spirit. I looked at her again only to see her in a cat dress, realizing this I told her it’s fun she’s here as I have a Schrodinger Cat and then she showed me her tattoo of a stick cat with a broken heart. With the recent passing of Gourd, I had to enjoy a cigarette with this lady. To top it off she had a lighter with a cat on it. I used her cat fire to set fire to my own. It’s the little things that make me happy and seeing her was one of them.

I left at 6pm and on my way out I was looking for Cortana to give him a huge on the way out. She is such a good person. I could see and feel it. I had seen him several times after our conversation, each time adding a little bit to our dialog. But when I decided to leave, couldn’t find her. Cortana, if you’re reading this, I would have given you the most thought-filled hug had I been able to find you.

After leaving I went to the Imperial Palace casino and ate at the Backbay Buffet. I had about a 20 minute wait, but I got in. I wanted Snowcrab, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra $7.99 for 1.5 pounds. So I got the regular seafood buffet. I started on the shrimp and fish. While enjoying my food my neighboring table put his crabs on my table and said he was done and I could have them. I get excited, this changes my whole course. So I leave for butter, gumbo, and a crab cracker. I come back moments later and the crabs are missing! What an emotional roller coaster these crab are. The crabs I didn’t pay for got taken off, but the rest of food was left behind. The guy that gave me the gift of crabs spoke up to the waitress and told her there was a bucket of crabs on my table and he’s still here eating. The waitress apparently thought I had left after only being there for maybe ten minutes. This isn’t the first time I’ve eaten alone at a nice place only to have my table cleaned while I step away for a few moments. Just because other humans don’t associate with me well doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a restaurant meal in peace. Just keep the tea flowing please.

Anyhow, the waitress replaced the crab legs with a fuller bucket and I enjoyed the heck out of those snowcrabs. Thank you stranger!

Since I was at the casino, I figured I might as well test my ability to target luck correctly. The $60 in gambling I did was completely lost and surprisingly showed NO patterns. That was a waste of trying to turn $60 into a coincidental win, but hey — I believe it just means the undetected entropy was used earlier in the day at Pride.

I did get crabs at the Imperial Palace after gay pride from a strange guy. That’s a literally Dictation I can make now. So not a complete loss. Apologizes to the stranger for using some liberty in it’s interpretation.

I feel like that’s it for today. I know, I know, one day a ghost writer will come along to clarify context. I’m not a writer, I’m a dictator and I write what the third person wants me to write.

Thank you,

The Dictator

aka Human