Making Peace with coincidences

So, I’m no longer am sure what we can do with these coincidences. They mean nothing, they can’t be acted upon,  and I seriously doubt I could properly explain it to any physicist without sounding crazy. 

What I am sure of though is more research is needed and coincidences have been a neglected area of science and physics. 

I can’t explain this to a scientist with enough detail to make a viable argument for evidence of quantum entanglement, but I’m going to keep collecting evidence until the area gets attention. And beyond. 

I learned something labor day 2004. It just took 12 years to realize it. 

Think of it this way, if you were the first to experience quantum entanglement on the large scale, that’d be an event that would change the world once observed and changes your own life for the balance of it.  You’d want to share it and make more use of it. What if we could find a way to produce massive amounts of energy or make faster than light travel slightly less than just a theory?

I have many more unpublished coincidences that have happened. I’m basically swimming in them. Being the first, that I know, to experience them basically puts me in the unique position of seeing all of them. It’s sometimes maddening. I end up having to ignore a great deal of them or let them go undocumented. 

Right now I’m in that time where everyone is in a state of disbelief to make first contact with me on the web. I understand, it’s hard to believe. 

I’m going to continue writing source material for my book that will hopefully be published one day. Working title being “The Holy Thesis: free speech and quantum entanglement”.

I just realized I can write on my phone. I don’t need to sit in front of my computer, so I’ll try to make more posts. 

Anyone want a free Trump domain in the mean time? Reach out, we’ll make a deal.