Christmas Gift

Christmas day 2016 I stayed up all day and night working on my domain project and making sure I’d have it launched by Christmas night., my gift to US Citizens. I thought it was a great idea. A method to prevent control of the best of the Trump and “Trumped” domains I could think would later be used for free speech. I am protecting these domains from squatters trying to impede free speech.

Here I am coming up on Christmas 2017. Not a single domain has had a serious inquiry for its usage. The Russian’s thought I had a good idea, I assume they do as they did a good chunk of monitoring on my sites.

It was awkward got hacked just prior to the G20 summit this year. Someone knows I have a good idea.

I figure out of 300 Million people in the US of A someone would come forward with an idea for use of one of my domains. I was supposed to be done with this project no later than April 1st 2017. I haven’t even gotten started.

So for Christmas, I’d like to give one domain away to someone with a good idea on how to use it. Who wants to make a painting of Donald Trump defying gravity? I have a great domain for it,

I have no participated in Christmas this year. I have sent no cards, I have bought zero gifts. I haven’t bought myself a Christmas Gift. Essentially, I’m still burning off an incomplete Christmas 2016. My gift to US Citizens have failed so far.