Trying to feel better

Last Saturday I was spending sometime with friends and while there I met Debra, Debra was talking about her ‘old soul’ and that she always felt different. She told me she was interested in science. I made the decision to teach her quantum entanglement and that she’d understand.

She had a hot flash. After she took off a layer of clothes she came back and I explained quantum entanglement to her using the 45.8 Block, the mirror, and coincidence as examples. I should note that before she arrived I saw Mars twinkling. When I left that night Mars was no longer twinkling.

She taught me a few things as well. She said to “recharge” find an old tree. Something that has outlived your life and just feel it’s presence. That actually felt logical to me.

I’ve ended up getting sick since then. So today on my way to work I stopped by an old tree in Gautier, Mississippi that was near the physical spot when I witnessed the presence of “God”. It’s at the place a friend recently got married.

I decided to spend 7 minutes with that tree. and I’ll say, there was something about that tree. Twice I felt the life that tree. I can’t prove it, but that tree shared something with me.

I head to work and it’s been about eight hours since visiting the tree to the time I’m writing this. I feel weak and no energy. I’m coughing and feel like I’m developing a sore throat.

My hope for getting rid of this is to wait or hope my body gets word to make more antibodies / white blood cells so I can speed this common cold along.

In other news,


I went to the Dollar General to get airtime for the cell phone the “Dictator” has and ahead of me in line was a black man buying the same airtime card. A coworker’s wife works at a Dollar General and she just had someone poop on the floor in front of the ice cream. I dropped a call near the ice cream freezer of a Dollar General a year or so ago. Coincidence or just BS? Either way it’s entertaining to me.