Time to go further SAD!

Dear US Citizen,

Trump Domains just got it’s very first legitimate offer to take possession of a domain with intent of doing good with it. I love the person’s idea, but I’ve come across a dilemma — He’s Canadian!

The decision has been made to only give domains out to US Citizens. Yes, I’ve waited all this long, and I’ve finally been contacted by someone that understands. But he’s Canadian! This would be the country with the 5th most popular visit.

The first two? Russia and The United States of America.

I want to reach the 2nd, but am only feeling the voice from the 1st.

So, time to go stronger. Beginning April 15th, 2017 I’ll be start expanding to North America, assuming I don’t receive enough responses.

So Canadian, you maybe getting a domain here shortly. 🙂


Dictator Trump

US Citizen

Making America Great Again!