President’s day journal

I celebrated today. Although it didn’t start that way. I started the day off by taking my Russian lady to the doctor. She was a bit dehydrated, but otherwise okay. All that work she does for me likely made her dehydrated. Some electrolytes and she’s back to normal.

Next appointment was with the Congressional Black Caucus – Women’s Edition. They were all lovely ladies and I hopefully helped them nail the guy that put them in the position they were in during our meeting. I gave them winning lottery numbers when we were done.

I then enjoyed some Gulf of Mexico Seafood. Figure I might as well, it’ll be the last before Scott Pruitt gets down to work.

It might be lonely being Dictator Trump, I’m still hollering into the void, but I can at least spread happiness and health to those close to me.

President’s day was good to me.

Dictator Trump

Biggly Leader of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington, New Columbia 20500