Creator took a day off.

Dear US Citizens:

When I started this project, I was so excited I thought I’d get like $1000 or so for buying a handful of domains. I had planned on launching on Christmas day and then finishing on April fools day. I thought I’d be doing the world a small solid by giving away 1/2 of them. By ending on April fools it’d would make a good story to tell later. My charity to making Donald Trump a better President by finding people that would give contributions by writing.

Creator took March 14th, 2017 off from his employer so I can go talk to the fake media that “Dictator Trump” needs to get started at doing this gift to America. Free Speech, Dictator of Online Censorship Prevention. It’s a real thing. I won’t be able to finish April fools, as I haven’t even gotten started.

Biggly Leader of the United States of America and US Citizen