After all the mining operations are up and running I believe the next best step would be to have the largest city in each region bring their best people and resources together to build a monument to the Dictator of their choice amongst the current Dictator in charge. I’ll direct Congress to appropriate funds  proportionally by the quality of there monument. 

stop meddling, I’m the good guy

I keep having my business ventures looked into for conflicts of interest. Look, I have placed my businesses in a blind trust ran by my children whom I dearly love. They have been instructed to run the companies as they see fit and I’ll keep my stake in the companies during my time as presidency. My children will not disappoint while operating the blind trust that is setup. I will not see one dime of additional income from the Trump Organization until after my term is over in 2024.

Mining operations

Now that we have a huge number of people employed with the new Trump Employment Option, they should start toeing the line.

Before any biggly infrastructure improvement project, we must start with raw materials. That’s why within my first 100 days I’ll reopen all inactive mining sites available for Iron, Copper, and Gold. We seem to have enough production of coal — we’ll pull that from the ground as needed.