Open up

I’ve had in Maintenance mode the last few days, it’s no where near done, but I want to show my level of transparency therefore I intend to have it opened. Feel free to browse it; the site will be actively changing as I’m working on it.

Once I figure comments out, I’ll enable those. Please limit any sharing though. I need a small focused group. No announcement just yet.

Ohh, I had the idea today that the fake news needs a dedicated place. So I just added to the list of domains. Someone can corral the news together. Be a fake news wrangler. seems like a job for a cat herder.

No work today and airforce one

I had a rough day at work, so I didn’t put any work into Instead, I watched Youtube and chilled. Check this out, Donald Trump could use sarcasm and accidentally start the next WWIII on twitter. He did it to Boeing, people take him serious. Why not a country taking him seriously?

Come’on, I understand Airforce One is over twenty years old, let’s get a new one. I bet we’ll get more of our money’s worth than that spent on the F-35.

Ohh, this morning I bought I own and, but I need to give the option for the other side. I’m sure someone out there believes Trump is our real world Rick. Contact me if you wanna blog about that on your own. I’ll set you up a wordpress install or whatever, you goto town.

I’m working on creating so I have a site dedicated to us collaborating on what to do best with the other domains. This domain,, will likely be my personal soap box like it was originally intended.

I hope to have it up by the end of the week. If you’d like to share your ideas feel free to contact me. Any activist that likes the idea of free online discussion and have the necessary knowledge to contribute productively should contact me.